A Lawful Protest Against Drugs

Drugs are an oblivious poison. But many people forget this fact and become slaves to these killer potions spoiling the whole of their life. You go and ask a drug addict as to what does he get by consuming these harmful drugs and you will be surprised to hear him say peace and Trans. But in reality it is a silent killer which many people deny to understand. The effects depend upon how much of it is consumed. You take a small amount, it will stimulate you, a little more will sedate you and the extreme will even take you to death bed. But how many of the drug addicts realize this fact? These drugs make a person oversee things happening around him and make him behave very odd and irrational.
The first thing that gets affected when a person starts taking drugs is his brain and can even make a brainy dumb by erasing everything from his mind. One of those kind of firms is CAVC.The addiction is to the extent that it will become difficult to bring an addict back to normal life and even if he is able to get back to routine, he is sure to have lost his charm and intelligence and can never get back to his original form.

Truth about drugs

Drugs are not just cocaine, marijuana and all that belong to this family but even medicines, which are otherwise known as drugs are harmful when consumed more than the prescribed level. Drugs alias medicines are prescribed by doctors when a person`s body is going through a problem. And these medicines help to set the defects right and help the body come back to its normal state. But, as the name explains, these are also drugs which when consumed excessively will lead to a person`s death.

Why do people become drug addicts?

There is a big list of reasons stated by the drug addicts when asked the cause for their consuming these harmful potions. They mainly take drugs to bring in a change in their life. And the majority of the society that is under this spell is the younger generation. Some of the common reasons stated by them are;

  • According to them it gives relief and relaxes their stressed mind.
  • They feel that it gives them some sort of energy or probably strength to face the dangers in life. This has evoked many to try some of the stupid things in life and has led to deaths.
  • It gives them the power to rebel.
  • It gives them the feel of grown ups

Many of the drug addicts think that drugs can bring a solution to their problems in life but in reality it makes life even tougher and difficult. It can never become a panacea but in fact makes the situation even worse with devastating consequences. There should be camps educating people about the real meaning of drugs and their consumption and awareness should be created mainly among the younger generation.

Raise your Voice Supporting The Drug War in Philippines

There is no country that has been spared from drugs and it has its wings spread over all parts of the world. Many people from around the world are under this black magic`s trickery and even the ones who have realized its effects are trying hard to come out of this addiction. It is like poisoning your body slowly and coming out of it is really an achievement. There have been many bans and strict orders to stop the circulation of these drugs but none were able to have a hard hand on this and it continues to mesmerize people and the number is increasing drastically day-by-day.

Seroxat pills are seen in this illustration picture taken in Bucharest April 19, 2013. Britain's competition body accused GlaxoSmithKline of market abuse for striking deals with three generic drugmakers that paid them to delay launching cheap copies of its antidepressant Seroxat. GSK, Britain's biggest drugmaker, said it believed it had acted lawfully. If it is found to have broken the law, it could be fined up to 10 percent of its worldwide turnover, which amounted to 26.4 billion pounds ($40.4 billion) in 2012. The move by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is the latest example of regulators trying to curb "pay-for-delay" deals, following a series of investigations against drug companies by U.S. and European antitrust officials.   REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel (ROMANIA  - Tags: DRUGS SOCIETY HEALTH)   - RTXYS79

The main group targeted is the school children and the teenagers who easily fall prey to this. The president of Philippines is trying to bring in a revolution in his country by passing strict laws and rules against drugs production and addiction. He wants the whole country to support his voice against this campaign. But the locals have turned their backs when approached regarding the execution of this campaign. But this has not stopped Mr. Duterte from his efforts and he has bravely challenged the government that if this rule does not come into action immediately then there will be a strict martial law passed which nobody can stop and drug addicts and the suppliers will be taken by force.