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Duterte`s one man army – Name and Shame campaign

Ever since Mr. Duterte took charge, his first and foremost action was to bring a revolution in the world by putting a big fullstop to the drugs. His speeches and campaigns are taking the world by a storm and there is nothing that can stop him from this rally. He is not dependent on the local officials and says with confidence that he will function as an individual and try to make the world clean and clear from drugs. After him, taking the position, there were many shocking information revealing the involvement of government officials in this trade. He says that there are close to 10 officials in his country who are very active in this and first a law has to be designed for stopping such people which will automatically bring down the number of public involved in this business.


It is not just Philippines that needs a president like Mr.Duterte but the whole world needs people like him who can initiate and participate in wars against drugs and its trade. Mere words will have no effect on them but they need a serious treatment. It is the responsibility of the government too to have an eye on the society for such notorious creatures who are nuisance to the whole human community. There should be camps and awareness programs conducted everywhere in the world to make people understand the effects of drugs on them and try and keep people conscious about the drug addicts. Even the general public needs to join hands with people like Mr.Duterte and the government which will have a greater impact.